Publish Date: Apr 27, 2020


Aerie has become a leading brand in the body confidence and women’s empowerment movements through the #AerieREAL campaign, its commitment to showing REAL, unretouched images representing women of all shapes and sizes. Aerie is a lifestyle brand rooted in intimate apparel, swimwear and activewear, and has earned devoted brand love and affinity from its customers by inspiring them to love their REAL selves, inside and out.

When Aerie launched the #AerieREAL campaign in 2014, the goal was to connect with its customers in a more authentic way and to challenge the social norms of what women should aspire to look like. Instead of comparing themselves to unrealistic images in typical advertising campaigns, which are highly altered and retouched, Aerie took a stand for celebrating real bodies. As of January 2014, Aerie has not retouched any of the women in its imagery and has broken the mold of what the intimate apparel industry has historically looked like. Aerie’s work in unstereotyping the “perfect” body and appearance has empowered women to feel confident in their own skin. Aerie is committed to representing a wide diversity of women in its imagery, including different body shapes, sizes, ethnicities and abilities.

Since launching the #AerieREAL campaign, the customer response has been overwhelmingly positive. Aerie receives daily social media comments praising the campaign and has garnered over 220,000 tags of #AerieREAL on Instagram, showing the emotional connection with the brand and the movement it has pioneered. On top of this, Aerie sales have catapulted over the past few years, and are expected to continue to grow steadily as Aerie’s customers stay committed to supporting a brand that they know is invested in empowering women.