Unstereotype Alliance Membership 

Unstereotype Alliance members come together and drive meaningful change because:

  • Stereotypes are pervasive, they hold people back, divide society and damage brands.
  • Collective action can usher in a new generation that is free from bias and discrimination.
  • The diversity of the world around us should be reflected in companies and organisations.
  • Stereotypes in ads are simply bad for business.
  • Progressive advertising generates higher purchase intent.
  • Diversified teams generate better ideas. 

Collective action is powerful. Together, the Unstereotype Alliance has the ability to change the world.

Why join now?

No country has achieved gender equality to date, but the world is changing and equality has never been more in the spotlight than it is right now. The advertising industry must harness the moment and collectively drive positive, lasting change. By joining the Unstereotype Alliance, you unite with a mission-driven membership collectively challenging harmful beliefs about gender. We are committed to representing women with an intersectional lens that celebrates all their diversity, while working to dismantle the harmful masculinities that also perpetuate gender-based discrimination and inequalities.  As diversity and inclusion are increasingly recognised as drivers of effective advertising, the work of the Unstereotype Alliance continues to grow as not only a social imperative, but a case for better business.

Today’s audiences expect and demand more from us. Let us challenge ourselves and, in doing so, challenge the status quo.

What you get as a member

Members are at the core of the efforts and achievements of the Unstereotype Alliance with their collaboration, financial contributions and joint commitment to advancing gender equality. You join an active, global network with a shared vision.

Benefits of joining the Unstereotype Alliance include:

  • Access to proprietary toolkits, curated research and published best practices.
  • Regular collaboration with world-class members and knowledge sharing.
  • Participation in UN Women hosted events within industry platforms.
  • You participate in the collective effort aimed at achieving gender equality (SDG#5).

Global membership vs National Chapter membership

Brands and organisations can join the Unstereotype Alliance at a global level or through a National Chapter in their region.

Gender stereotypes are culturally driven and the Alliance takes a localised approach with National Chapters in Brazil, Japan, South Africa and Turkey, with many more to follow. Our National Chapters ensure that harmful gender stereotypes are tackled with a globally consistent, and locally relevant, approach. We believe that tangible global impact will only come from a clear understanding of each local market's social and cultural nuances and through the commitment and actions of local actors (brands, agencies, producers, advertising authorities, policy makers).

Now, the Unstereotype Alliance harnesses the collective influence of 100 members, including 41 from our global membership and 60 at a national level.

Vice chairs, members and allies

The Unstereotype Alliance membership is a diverse and influential coalition convened by UN Women, a United Nations body and global champion for women and girls. The alliance is a collaboration between UN Women, brands and advertisers within the private sector and advertising industry bodies and organisations, all of whom hold positions as Vice Chairs, Members or Allies.

How to join

Please complete the membership enquiry form available here



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