Originally published by Ipsos.

Following wide-spread protests against police brutality in 2020, there has been a broader awakening to the continued systemic racism throughout all aspects of our society. For some, this has involved a new look at long-standing policies and procedures to consider how they might be reinforcing or deepening racial inequality in the United States. For the survey and market research industries, questions have been raised as to how well public opinion research captures the full set of diverse voices that make up the United States.

Watch the webinar for a discussion about how well Ipsos represents key subpopulations of the United States, such as Black and African Americans, Hispanic/Latin residents, and the diversity of voices within each community. The webinar also discusses:

  • An overview of Ipsos' recruitment methodology and the steps taken in recruitment and retention to help ensure that the panel is representative.
  • The results of some internal investigations into how well Ipsos represents key subpopulations of the US.
  • Results from recent research conducted with KnowledgePanel and highlight ways the panel has been used to study under-researched populations. 
  • Additional steps Ipsos has identified to further attract and engage various groups to ensure that they will continue to represent the diverse voices of the US.

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Publisher: Ipsos

Year published: 2020

Region: United States