On 6 August 2019, the WE EMPOWER Team hosted its 'Achieving Gender Equality through Diversity and Inclusion in the 21st Century Workplace' webinar. The webinar explores how companies are building and improving their diversity and inclusion strategies towards achieving gender equality in the 21st century workplace in the context of the future of work.

MODERATOR: Meral Guzel, Women's Empowerment Principles Specialist, WE EMPOWER Programme, UN Women

OPENING REMARKS: Tim Rivera, Programs Officer, EU Delegation to the United States

PANELISTS: Rohini Anand, Senior Vice-President Corporate Responsibility, Global Chief Diversity Officer, Sodexo and Robert Baker, Senior Partner, Leader of Diversity and Inclusion Consulting for the International Region, Mercer

Bibliographic information

Publisher: UN Women’s WE EMPOWER G7 Programme 

Year published: 2019 

Region : Global