• Publish Date: Apr 15, 2019

The Unstereotype Alliance held its second annual Global Members Summit on March 28 & 29, 2019 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. This annual knowledge sharing summit hosted by UN Women saw over a hundred participants, members and invited guests who share a common goal towards achieving gender equality, women’s empowerment and an unstereotyped world.

The two-day event included a variety of presentations, panels, and case studies on breaking stereotypes and producing unstereotyped content. Results from the Gender Equality Attitudes Study, and its implications on unstereotyped advertising, were presented. New tools were introduced including the Unstereotype Metric, a single measure to help advertisers differentiate between progressive and regressive gender portrayals of characters in advertising. In addition, members were trained on the Unstereotype Advertising and the Diversity and Inclusion playbooks as guides on creating more progressive gender role models in communications and how-to create an inclusive workplace. Training also included the WEPs (Women’s Empowerment Principles) and Gender Gap Analysis Tools.


The passion, energy and commitment that all members brought to the summit was incredible. We have an audacious goal to eliminate stereotypes in our advertising and media content by 2020. The many thought-provoking presentations and insights shared by members and guests throughout the Summit provided the inspiration to meet that challenge.

Photos available here.