Advertising market size (USD): 1.07 billion

Launch date: November 2020

Strategic priority: Broadening the representation of women and men in non-traditional roles in media and advertising.

Strategic industry events: Dubai Lynx

Members: Accor Middle East & Africa LLC, APCO Middle East,Etihad Aviation Group, Facebook, Google, ITP Media Group, Media Quest Plus FZ LLC, Omnicom Media Group MENA, Snap Inc., Unilever, VFS Global

Allies: Advertising Business Group, Dubai Lynx, IAB MENA, Zayed University



  • Launch: The UAE National Chapter launched on 9 November 2020 with a core group of seven national and global companies, the UAE’s leading advertising industry alliance and the premier festival of creativity in the Middle East and North Africa region. This chapter represents the first outpost of this global UN Women initiative in the Middle East region, and the sixth National Chapter of the Unstereotype Alliance, following those in Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.
  • Strategic priority: Recent research conducted by the UAE-based Advertising Business Group and Zayed University concluded that the majority of television ads in the Arabian Gulf region continue to perpetuate traditional gender stereotypes and do not realistically portray the increasingly progressive role of women in the region. Eighty-five percent of those polled in this study believe that it is the responsibility of brands to depict women and men positively. UN Women’s Gender Equality Attitudes Study conducted in the UAE finds similar results: Eighty-eight percent of people in the UAE believe that it is essential for society to treat women and men as equals, and over half of people in the UAE believe that the media only portrays women and men in certain traditional roles. Drawn from this research and data, the UAE National Chapter will focus its efforts in its first year of operation on broadening the representation of women and men in non-traditional roles in media and advertising.

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