Publish Date: May 24, 2022

The Unstereotype Alliance United Kingdom National Chapter is committed to advancing progressive and intersectional portrayals of marginalised groups. To help accelerate the pace of change its members and allies have come together to create a new content series, Conversations for Change. The aim of this series is to offer audiences an informal, inspiring, and personal set of learnings into progressive and unstereotypical storytelling.

The series features brand leaders, inclusion activists and marketing experts addressing a number of key diversity, equity and inclusion topics including how to dismantle stereotypes in advertising, the importance of cultural nuance, and dealing with backlash.

Each ten-minutes episode features a diverse line-up of industry titans and includes intimate conversations across the themes ‘Lived Experiences’, ‘How to Achieve Authentic Representation’, ‘The Power of Cultural Nuance’, ‘Driving Positive Social Change’ and ‘The Future of Diversity in Advertising’.

UK Chapter Chair, Keith Weed, says: “The insights and lessons shared make this compelling and necessary viewing for anyone working in the ad, creative and marketing industries today. Diversity in advertising is no longer an innovative extra, it must be seen as business as usual, and this content series is a vital resource to help advance this agenda.”

Watch the content series here.