Publish Date: Kas 25, 2018

At Ogilvy, diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzz words, they are a part of the very fabric of the Ogilvy culture. Strength is drawn from differences to achieve a common purpose to ‘make brands matter’.Creativity is Ogilvy's lifeblood – individual identities, backgrounds, experiences, passions and interests are fuel to the flow of ideas and safeguard against group think. Ogilvy’s diverse culture allows to view the world through countless lenses and helps see clients’ challenges in a different light. This creative source has helped produce campaigns that solve everyday problems, use familiar ground to explain unfamiliar technology, take the narrative to unexpected places, playfully highlight our unconscious bias, and bring attention and awareness to important issues.        

Most recently, Ogilvy produced a holiday campaign that focuses on celebrating the differences that make us unique and highlights the diversity of time-honored notions of holidays.

IKEA “Maybes” – 2018 Holiday Campaign

Goal: Break through the idealized version of the holiday to focus on the true spirit of the holidays – being at home with the people you love. 

What it is: Our holidays don't all look the same, and maybe that's what makes us great. People self-create rituals – they want to have traditions but bring their own spin to it. Whether that is bicultural, traditional, alternative family, or friends-giving – the holidays look and feel different for everyone. Yet one central theme remains: Home is the center of every holiday tradition, whatever religion or family structure you have.

IKEA and Ogilvy showed a montage of the many and diverse ways people in the U.S. celebrate their holidays in ‘Maybes’, turning the spotlight away from the idealized holiday celebration, and shining it on the importance of life at home. Maybe your holiday has all the bells and whistles, maybe it’s gathering around the living room trading stories or playing games. One size does not fit all. And maybe that’s what makes it special, and uniquely yours.

The Unstereotype Alliance Member Spotlight highlights members’ innovative experiences and exceptional efforts in the areas of social impact, diversity and inclusion. The case study serves as an example of best practices to lead the effort in fostering an unstereotyped culture.