Publish Date: Oca 29, 2021


Campaign: Safaricom, Twende Tukiuke, which means, Let’s Go Beyond.

Twende Tukiuke is a thematic campaign that invites Safaricom customers to believe in the abundant opportunities for greatness within themselves in their own right, using their own talents. Safaricom remains their companion in their individual journeys, providing them tools, in the form of products and services, that enable them achieve their goals and aspirations.

In celebrating their 20th anniversary within the context of COVID-19, it was particularly important for Safaricom to share with its customers a positive message that would provide some hope and inspiration despite the complete shift brought about by the pandemic. The visual style of the ad tapped into the simple beauty within the everyday raw material that Kenyans transform to make a living, using their skill and natural talents to do it. Safaricom celebrated them by elevating their skills and showing them, and the viewer, a whole new perspective to help them believe in the importance and beauty of what they do.

The ad is made up of real stories shared by real Kenyans. Some stories were deliberately selected to challenge societal stereotypes. Below are four of these stories:

  • Most metal fabrication artisans in Kenya are male. In the campaign, a woman is shown as a metal fabricator, enjoying her work and challenging stereotypes related to traditional gender roles.
  • Making a living from music is not common place in Kenya yet, so an elderly man is shown as a “Taarab” musician who has made a living from music. This addresses both age and work-related stereotypes.
  • Unemployment, especially for youth, has been on the rise, so it was important to showcase a young man enjoying a non-typical job — in the example, as a glass blower. This challenges stereotypes related to youth and job security.
  • People living with albinism are stigmatized in some parts of the world. For this reason, a person living with albinism was shown making a living from her everyday craft as a fashion designer, addressing stereotypes related to diversity and inclusivity.

Goal: Safaricom's aim was to give customers something to aspire towards, to understand that within them they hold the power to bring to life the skill, colour, and vibrancy that Africa is known for. The campaign was created to remind them that they have a companion that has and will continue to celebrate them and support the potential within them to ‘go beyond’.

Result: A direct brand objective was to grow brand love and this was achieved by an increase of +7% points from 47% to 54%. The campaign was also successful in its mission to challenge deeply held stereotypes, as evidenced from the below consumer feedback.

  • “I like the ad because it encourages the youth to continue hustling.”
  • “This ad is about Safaricom encouraging and uplifting the locals.”
  • “It shows how Safaricom helps people to grow themselves and the economy.”
  • “Safaricom brings people together from different backgrounds.”
  • “Safaricom brings people together from different backgrounds.”