Publish Date: May 07, 2020


The global pandemic of COVID-19 has seen a deadly shadow pandemic emerge. A huge surge in domestic violence is being reported, and the outbreak is global. Women are trapped with their abusers and are isolated from the people and resources that can best help them. Whilst domestic violence is on a terrifying upward trajectory during this time, physical or sexual violence is already experienced by 1 in 3 women worldwide. That means that any company's leadership team and staff will likely include women who are suffering from domestic abuse.  

At such a critical time for women, urgent action is needed. Many employers and businesses are rightfully investing time and resources to support their employees in need. UN Women has developed additional tools for businesses and employers designed to shine a light on this shadow pandemic and provide clear advice on key measures that can be taken at all levels within the organization.

Download the Shadow Pandemic Business Toolkit below - the support tools for your business in managing domestic violence during COVID-19.