Publish Date: Kas 09, 2018



Procter & Gamble - P&G's women's razor brand Gillette Venus has recently launched 'Her Shot' a social experiment designed to promote women's perspectives. As part of the initiative, Gillette Venus is focused on: 
  • Working with 10 up-and-coming female directors to create video content that showcases a woman's point-of-view. The brand hopes to show the impact of a female perspective on the world
  • Partnering with actress and director Regina King to provide tips and advice to help the directors succeed in the industry.
  • Raising awareness about the lack of women and diversity among creators in the marketing and media industry, as fewer than 7% of directors are women. 
  • Bringing more visible and invisible diversity to the brand, in front of as well as behind the camera. 
  • Taking this one step further with the launch of its ongoing “My Skin, My Way” campaign by restarting with a clean slate and ripping up the rule book on skin.

P&G Gillette My Skin My Way 

Gillette’s Venus line of razors and shaving products for women has launched a new campaign, 'My Skin, My Way' aimed at diversifying images of beauty.

Goal: The world has changed since Gillette Venus first came on the scene in 2001 – women and femininity have evolved, as have the views on beauty, skin, and even hair removal. Some of the brand’s campaigns in the past have showed only one version of beautiful skin, but the brand is hitting refresh by devoting itself to representation through a new lens.

What it is: The Gillette Venus 'My Skin My Way' Campaign sends the message that there is no one way to have beautiful skin or to show it.The film aims to diversify and represent more woman and stories and features a woman with Vitiligo, a common, genetic, autoimmune skin disease resulting in loss of pigment. The film also shines a light on those who defy convention and break the social norms by featuring women with tattoos, nose rings etc 


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