Publish Date: Eki 18, 2018




Johnson & Johnson #ProjectFreePeriod - Stayfree™ and Johnson & Johnson's unique approach to fighting the exploitative sex trade in India. 

Goal: To teach sex workers vocational skills to help them earn a living outside the sex trade, and realize their dreams of progress. 

What it is: 3 period days = 3 days of learning. Project Free Period came from the idea that while many women often dread being on their period, for those in the sex trade, it earmarks the time of the month that they get for themselves.  

Organized by Johnson & Johnson India, over 740 trainers were enrolled to conduct workshops for women sex-workers in India. The purpose was to teach them vocational skills, while they were on their periods, in order to help them explore new avenues to sustain themselves outside the sex trade. Women were taught skills ranging from candle-making, embroidery, henna-art, soft-toy making and basic beautician skills; eight vocational skills in all. Through recruitment drives on social media, the initiative reached out to over 20 million users online.

Recognition: At Cannes Lions 2018, Project Free Period won a Silver Lion and 6 shortlists across various categories. 

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