Publish Date: Haz 25, 2020


There has long been a lack of diversity and inclusion across almost every touchpoint in the technology industry – from access to jobs, advertising and product design, to the language of technology. Unsurprisingly, perceptions of the industry reflect that trend. When asked to describe technology as a person, the majority of respondents from a 10-country study answered that the person would be young, white, middle-class and mostly male.

In response to these findings, Vodafone launched #ChangeTheFace, an industry-wide initiative designed to increase diversity and equality in the sector. The campaign launched with a call to leaders and individuals to sign a pledge and become forces for positive change. Fellow technology companies Nokia and Ericsson joined Vodafone in their commitment to advance diversity and eradicate bias.

On International Women's Day, Vodafone launched a marketing campaign across 20 countries with a goal to inspire more women to enter the technology industry. Using real 'faces of tech' in colourful portraits coupled with striking statistics from the consumer study, the campaign encouraged women to use Vodafone's Future Jobs Finder- a free 8-minute test designed to match individuals' interests and aptitudes to job opportunities and training for the digital economy. Tens of thousands of women took the test and the campaign reached over 200M women worldwide.

#ChangeTheFace builds on Vodafone's work to increase equality and inclusion for customers, colleagues and communities over the last decade.


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