Publish Date: Haz 30, 2021


Campaign: Always Support Full Support with Dynavit! – Burak the Boss

Market: Turkish Consumer Health Supplements Market

This campaign showcases a father figure (named Burak) during the COVID19 pandemic, who is keeping up his pace and taking care of his health through the support of Dynavit, meanwhile attending his virtual business meetings, taking care of his children, preparing food, doing house chores, and not skipping exercise. Dynavit aimed to increase its brand awareness as a reliable food supplement brand and provide the health support that people are seeking, just like 'Burak the boss'.

The campaign was instrumental in boosting the morale of the audience, reflecting the dynamism of the brand with a 'Burak the boss' profile and creating brand awareness for consumers who are seeking to keep up their pace through presenting a story of a man and father working from home.

Whilst targeting workers based at home during the pandemic, the campaign also breaks stereotypical gender roles traditionally assigned to mothers such as taking care of the children, preparing food and doing house chores, by depicting a father figure who is engaged in all of these responsibilities.