Publish Date: Oca 23, 2020


Kantar has been a strong proponent of ensuring progressive people-portrayal in brand communication, and leverages research tools to help clients monitor and improve marketing communication to be more representative of all types of consumers. 

Kantar partnered with the UN Women and the Unstereotype Alliance members on a groundbreaking research study in 10 countries that aimed to illuminate the realities of Gender Equality Attitudes. Data from this study has been shared at forums across the world and at Ca

nnes to inspire and create open dialogue leading to women receiving equal rights to men around the world.

Secondly, Kantar has been measuring progressive gender portrayal in advertising research for several years; more recently, they partnered with the Unstereotype Alliance to develop the Unstereotype Metric a tool to help members meet their pledge to create advertising and content that is free of gender stereotypes. Kantar has incorporated this metric into its advertisement pre-testing research implemented globally and is making normative results available to the Alliance members to benchmark their own content.  Kantar commits to sharing meta-learnings from gender portrayal ad research with the Unstereotype Alliance members.


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