Publish Date: Tem 31, 2020


This month we are spotlighting Jess Weiner, Cultural Expert and CEO of the consultancy, Talk to Jess, through which she advises businesses on how to better reflect people and their diverse experiences within their media, marketing, advertising and workforce. Jess has established an award-winning career of contextualizing cultural trends to create impactful campaigns, partnerships and internal programming that challenge stereotypes and accurately portray the world around us.

Jess has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to challenging stereotypes and understanding the need for consumers to feel represented in media, marketing and advertising. In 2006 she helped to ignite a worldwide conversation around beauty ideals through launching Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty and in 2016, she again disrupted social norms as an advisor to Mattel, changing Barbie's body to include new shapes, skin tones, hair textures and eye colours. In 2017, she joined with Aerie to advise on the revolutionary 'Role Models' platform bringing together change-makers of various abilities, gender identities, and experiences to focus on equitable representation in the world.

On July 23rd, Jess launched her latest venture — a podcast and video series titled ‘We’re All Going to Die, Anyway’. Throughout the series she hosts engaging conversations with diverse change-makers who are committed to challenging the stereotypes around what it means to live The Good Life, a life you love on your own terms. This includes challenging societal stereotypes of what it looks like to be successful and to combat our current global fascination with hustle culture; the rise and grind lifestyle that often puts tireless work and financial success above self-fulfillment and wellbeing.

In the spirit of the Unstereotype Alliance, this podcast is designed to erase stigmas, empower all backgrounds, and bring a multitude of diverse experiences to life. Jess is also launching The Good Life Community where she’ll work with individuals and businesses to challenge these stereotypes and bring the ideas around the joy of urgent living into their professional and personal lives.