Publish Date: Oca 05, 2021


Originally published by ANA.

This report covers the findings from quantitative and qualitative research conducted by the ANA. The purpose was to gain an understanding of the incidence of supplier diversity programs as well as benefits, challenges, spend, goals, measurement, influence, and more insights.

Key findings

  • Incidence: 75% of respondents have a supplier diversity strategy for the organization overall; 40% have a supplier diversity strategy specifically for marketing/advertising.
  • Segments: For those with a supplier diversity strategy, the top segments targeted are women-owned (98%), ethnic/minority-owned (95%), veteran-owned (90%), LGBTIQ+-owned (88%), and disability-owned (80%).
  • Top Challenges: The top challenges are: (a) Visibility to opportunities to recommend diverse suppliers and (b) Finding diverse suppliers. Age: Supplier diversity strategies are older within the organization overall than they are for marketing/advertising.

Bibliographic information

Publisher: Association of National Advertisers (ANA)

Publication year: 2020

Region: United States