Publish Date: Ara 13, 2018

UN Women Chile, in partnership with the Council of Self-Regulation and Advertising Ethics in Chile (CONAR) will be holding its first industry-wide meeting, 'Building Bridges, Towards a Communication without Stereotypes' on December 13, 2018.  The meeting will bring together executives, media and advertisers from around the country and aims to discuss how to advance together in the eradication of stereotypes in advertising. 

The meeting featured presentations from Global Unstereotype Alliance Members McCann Chile (of IPG) and Free The Bid - who will share their experiences on building communications free of gender stereotypes. Besides practical examples, the meeting will also address the media's role in the construction of stereotypes, gender inequalities and overall good practices. 


The Council of Self-Regulation and Advertising Ethics, CONAR is a non-profit Private Law Corporation, whose main objective is to self-regulate, from the ethical perspective, the national advertising activity, in such a way that it is developed in harmony with the principles and norms consecrated in the Chilean Code of Advertising Ethics.CONAR has the role of correcting and guiding the advertising and communication activity of the country, which involves and brings together all the matrix related to the activity, as well as summoning to review the role of each matrix to deal with the generalized prevalence of stereotypes that are often perpetuated through advertising and content.

CONAR is made up of the most important institutions and private companies that represent the country's advertising and communication activity, through the associations that group them together.

The following associations are the matrix of CONAR:

• National Association of Advertisers - ANDA
• Chilean Association of Advertising Agencies - ACHAP
• Association of Radio Broadcasters of Chile - ARCHI
• National Television Association - ANATEL
• Interactive Adveritsing Bureau - IAB CHILE
• National Association of the Press - ANP